Want to row? Have a Go

“Have a go” day for adult beginners aged under 55 years

Anyone aged under 55 years with an interest in learning to row is invited for a free session to learn the basics of the rowing stroke on an indoor rowing machine before putting your new found skills to test on the water!

Free session:  Saturday 11 November 2017

9:30am to 11:30am

This session will be held at the Club (104 Kings Road, Panmure). Be sure to bring clothes suitable for rowing (shorts, t Shirt and socks) as well as a pair of “boat” shoes for when you go on the water.

For those who wish to continue on and to learn to row, there’ll be a programme of 10 sessions. This programme is designed get you comforable and skilled in rowing a boat. The cost of the programme is $200 – which would be deducted from club annual subs for the 2017/18 season should you then go on to join the St George’s Masters rowing group . 

The first three of these sessions will take place on 18 Nov, 25 Nov and 2 Dec with remaining sessions to be arranged at times to suit the group .