Rigging a Boat

This Series of Videos from Croker Oars Pty Ltd shows the 9 steps to effectively rig a Sculling boat

Howard Croker has been in the rowing industry for more than 50 years. His father was a Rowing Coach at schools and clubs in Sydney and building his first set of timber oars in his father shed in 1962 was the beginning of a life long passion of the sport of rowing. Now Howard would like to share his knowledge of rigging for recreational rowing. In these videos Howard demonstrates a simple but effective way to rig a boat.

Step 1 – Basic Tools for Rigging
A list of tools needed to get started with rigging

.Rigging 1
Duration: 2:30

Step 2 – Check Rigging on Water 
A quick check for rigging on the water.

Duration: 1:11

Step 3 – Basic Rigging
Learn how to level the boat, check the pitch, check oars are zero degrees, swivels are four degrees and check slap of swivels.

Duration: 4:26

Step 4 – Adjust Handles (inboard)
How to check the overall length of your Croker Oars and adjust your Croker handles to the correct length – set your inboard.

Duration: 3:33

Step 5 – Height of Heel Cup
Measuring the height of the Heel Cup on a sculling shell correctly.

Duration: 1:02

Step 6 – Height of Seat to centre of sill
A simple and easy measuring technique for the height of a sliding seat in a sculling shell.

Duration: 1:46

Step 7 – Left Over Right
Measuring the height for rowing left over right. Avoid scrapes on your hands by setting the height correctly.

Duration: 1:52

Step 8 – Pins Vertical
Adjustment of pins to be vertical for sculling and rowing shells. How to use inserts on the pins.

Duration: 3:13

Step 9 – Angle of Stretcher
Checking the height of the foot stretcher in a sculling shell.

Duration: 1:49

Many thanks to Crocker Oars PTY Ltd