Club Membership

At Saint Georges we have Masters, Club and School rowing groups

Schools Rowing

The two schools that row with us are Glendowie College and Macleans. They run their own programs and you will need to contact the school’s sports programme directly.

Club Rowing

Club Rowing is generally for those who have finished their school rowing and are under the age of 27. Currently the club has a limited membership at club level, however if you are interested in joining as a club member

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Masters Rowing


Masters rowing begins from the age of 27 years. St Georges Masters are aged between mid-30s to over 70. The group rows all year long – winter or summer on Saturdays and Sundays. We have 50 Masters rowers, three coaches and one coxswain. The Masters are rostered into boats in the weekend, during the week there is boat booking system.

283The Masters group has numerous social occasions throughout the year. The Club needs to be safety oriented as the Tamaki River where we row is a winding estuary in Auckland with a diverse mix of craft using it. Four Clubs (including 10 schools) use the same 16km stretch of the river for training. The St George’s Masters usually have an international rowing goal every second year and attend four Masters Regattas nationally each year. You do not need to compete to be a member.

New members generally enter the induction programme, called the Buddy System. This is a pre-acceptance rowing programme with a select group of Masters to assess the potential new members skills and fit into the masters group. It does not guarantee membership. The fee is $200 for up to 10 rows and if the Masters committee decides to accept the new member this will fee will come off the seasons membership fee.

The selection criteria for new masters includes –

  1. age (ideally under 50 years);
  2. rowing experience (we do not currently take non-rowers) and
  3. what other ways a new member can contribute to the Masters group.

Masters fees are for the year 1 Sept to 31 Aug, they do not include Rowing NZ fee, which is payable for those that compete in the NZ Rowing regattas. Regatta entry fees and transport costs are additional.

We are actively seeking coxswain, ideally light weight and with experience for the World Masters Games. Interested?

If you are interested in joining St Georges Masters,  

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